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Tema Uppsala invites promising young scientists for a postdoc project symposium
Fecha límite 2 de Junio
Descripción Linnean Centre symposium for young plant scientists

The Linnean Centre for Plant Biology in Uppsala invites promising young scientists
for a postdoc project symposium, with the aim to bring together postdoc
candidates and Linnean Centre group leaders to identify common research interests
and develop a project together. Prospective postdocs and group leaders are
expected to submit a postdoc fellowship application.

The Linnean Centre for Plant Biology in Uppsala ( fosters excellent
research by providing an arena for cross-disciplinary contacts and the development
of ground breaking research. The Centre is internationally recognized and attracts
scientist from all over the world. The plant research is multi-facetted, ranging from
studies of functional aspects of plant performance to interactions between plants
and their environment.
We will invite the best qualified candidates to attend a symposium in the beginning
of July 2014 in Uppsala, Sweden, during which you will have a chance to present
your PhD work, visit the Linnean Centre, identify and discuss potential projects with
different research groups, and visit the city of Uppsala. We will cover all costs
associated with the symposium.
To be eligible for participation in the symposium, you should have obtained your
PhD after 1 October 2011 and have published at least one manuscript as first author
in a peer-reviewed journal. Identify research topics at the Linnean Centre that you
are interested in, and justify your choice based on your experience and future plans.
Please send a cover letter including a motivation of your research interests, CV and
names of 2-3 references to Linnean-Centre en Deadline for the symposium
applications is 2nd of June 2014. Deadlines for many fellowship applications are in
August, these include but are not limited to EMBO, Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions,
and the Human Frontier Science Program.
The Linnean Centre is a joint research centre of Uppsala
University and Swedish University of Agricultural
Sciences. Box 7080, 75007 Uppsala, Sweden.