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Tema Contrato Predoctoral FPI-Severo Ochoa Telómeros y Regeneración Cardiaca CNIC (Madrid)
Fecha límite 29/08/14 14:00
Descripción We are seeking creative and motivated students to to apply to an internal CNIC competition for several PhD fellowship positions under the upcoming 2014 FPI-Severo Ochoa Excellence Program (MINECO).

After a myocardial infarction, embryonic and foetal genes are re-expressed in adult zebrafish and mice hearts, indicative of an attempt of cardiomyocytes to restore a young state from an elderly state. Telomerase, the enzyme that elongates telomeres, has been associated with the rejuvenation process. In this project, the candidate will analyze the role of telomerase activity in the heart rejuvenation process using telomerase loss- and gain-of function models.

Only candidates holding an MSc degree with an average academic grade over 2.5 will be considered.

CNIC is the leading cardiovascular research institute in Spain. CNIC offers excellent benefits and training programs. For more information, visit

If you are interested, please send a cover letter, your CV and the name and contact information for at least one potential reference to Ignacio Flores (


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